I may not have started blogging if I hadn't found inspiring blogs that I could read in English. I am very thankful to Klara, Mali, Phoenix, Loribeth and many others and I would like to give back what I got from them.

However, I decided to write in French because I had the feeling that blogs on finding new meaning to life after infertility are rather rare in the French blogosphere.

In case you need help to understand, I highly recommend the online translator DeepL.

About the blog's title: "Des méandres aux étoiles" means literally "From the meanders to the stars". I was inspired by a symphonic work by the French composer Olivier Messiaen called "From the canyons to the stars". In French the word "meander" does not only mean a series of sinuous curves in the channel of a river, but is also an image to express a complex path in human activities or behaviour.

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